Peace on the Internet!

{September 21, 2007}   My Webkinz

Okay, here is a list of my Webkinz for all of my demanding and adoring fans, in order:

  • Maddie- Lil` Kinz Cocker Spaniel
  • Lenny- Webkinz Lion
  • Caleb Moo- Lil` Kinz Cow
  • Shikamaru, after Shikamaru on Naruto- Lil` Kinz Rabbit
  • Salamanca, after Salamanca in the book Walk Two Moons– Lil` Kinz Pig
  • Max, after my dog- Webkinz Golden Retriever
  • Chasity- Lil` kinz Elephant
  • Snoopy, after Snoopy on Peanuts- Webkinz Beagle
  • Mai- Lil` Kinz Poodle
  • Emma Bailey- Webkinz Koala
  • Gracie- Lil` Kinz Panda
  • Margo, after Margo in The Baby- Sitter’s Club books- Lil` Kinz Hippo
  • Salem, after Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch- Webkinz Black Cat
  • Jordan- Webkinz Husky
  • Anna- Webkinz Cocker Spaniel
  • Icee- Webkinz Penguin
  • Charming, after Prince Charming, Webkinz Spotted Frog
  • Quacketta- Webkinz Duck
  • Harmony- Webkinz Black and White Cheeky Dog

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