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{September 21, 2007}   The Story of Cookie

You might be wondering why I call myself Cookie.  It’s actually kind of funny.

On the first day of fourth grade, one of my friends and  I decided to make up nicknames for ourselves. I was Cookie and she was Lance. We wanted nicknames so people wouldn’t recognize us. Well, let me tell you something- it didn’t work. Everyone, even the fifth graders, our superiors, knew my name. Even when I told them that they had made a mistake, that girl was my sister, I was Cookie. So at recess, a girl (fifth grader!) ,who’s name I didn’t know at the time, walked up and asked if I was Cookie. I looked up in awe ( she was a lot taller than me) and asked if she was psychic. She and her friend looked down grinning. ” No, she isn’t psychic, I have a nano- chip in my brain and I told her who you were.”, said the other. So we nicknamed the girls Physic Shirley and Banana Nano- Chip. They teased us (and we teased them) until they went on to middle school. I kind of miss Shirley and Banana Nano- Chip. Kind of. But not really.


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