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{October 5, 2007}   The Guy With Cloud Envy

This is dedicated to Shikamaru Nara.

Shikamaru is a lazy ninja from an anime show on TV. I kind of like it (the anime is called Naruto) and my favorite character is Shikamaru Nara. I put a picture of him at the bottom. I took a quiz on who you could be friends with. I got Shikamaru. Here is how you pronounce it: Shik-uh-mah-roo. If I get this wrong, Lance will correct me.

Gender: Male (duh)

Age: 13 years old (born September 22) Happy Late Birthday, Shikamaru!

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 4’11”, six inches taller than me! (I’m really short…)

Weight: 92.6 lbs.

Blood: Type AB

Status: Chunin

Quotes from Shikamaru :
– “How troublesome”
– “Why am I always the only one who has to fight girls?”

– “Man, what a drag.” Love Compatibility Test Oh yeah, in Japan, which is what language it is originally in, they usually say last names first. So don’t get confused!!!

Nara Shikamaru

The shadow manipulater, the lazy nin, your one true friend: Nara Shikamaru

Rivals :
– None at the moment. He’s too lazy to move around so get him before it’s too late!


cookieb says:

:mrgreen: I worked really hard on this, even if it doesn’t show. 🙂

Lance says:

Well, isn’t that nice? You deicated nearly half a page to Shikamaru! Yay for you! I dressed my Webkinz as Mr. C. (for everyone who doesn’t know, and reads this, he is an EVIL gym teacher) BYE!

cookieb says:

I have no idea why Ms. Jamie married him. (Ms. Jamie is an extremely nice music teacher)

cookieb says:

Okay, I really need someone to comment on here, i’m just talking to myself.

Lance says:

My first comment since October! WOOT( Woot is actually the Websters Word of the Year…)!!!

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