Peace on the Internet!

After a lot of waiting from me, my friends, and probably a  lot of other people, the Webkinz penguin has finally been made! I ♥ PENGUINS! They are so cute and cuddly! Well, I wouldn’t actually hug a penguin if I saw one ( they have been known to be shy, and if you get on a penguins nerves it may bite you, not that it actually has teeth…), but I would definitely take pictures!  When I buy my Penguin Webkinz I will name it Icee or something like that.                      penguins.jpg


{November 18, 2007}   Pentatones Concert!!!

100_03854.jpg          100_03982.jpg

My Chorus  concert is tomorrow, Monday the 19th. I am so hyped up. Be right back. I have to scream.

Eleven Minutes Later…

Okay, I am back. My favorite song out of the whole bunch is called Turkey Tango. I am going to put a picture of me in my chorus shirt and another of just my shirt on my bed. Here are some of the songs that we are singing:

Holiday Hoedown

Turkey Tango

We Are Thankful


Thanksgiving Rap

and more that I can’t remember. We are doing another concert in March about going green.

et cetera