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{December 31, 2007}   Webkinz Trading Cards

Well, the time has come for me to do a post about Webkinz Trading Cards. Lets get started!

Webkinz Trading Cards are now available for you to collect, trade, and play awesome games with. So you can now buy them wherever Webkinz are sold. So, you go to one of those stores and buy a pack of trading cards. You bring them home and open them (or tear them open as soon as you get out of the store) and see up, to 5 feature codes. You can enter the code(s) on the Webkinz Code Shop and you are instantly able to unlock The ENTIRE Egyptian room theme, up to 50,ooo Kinzcash, grocieries, items from the Trading Card room theme, pieces of the Trading Card outfit, coupons, rare or exclusive items, and a guaranteed pack of Webkinz Trading Cards. You can collect Challenge Cards, which are made to play against one or more friend. There are 8 Chllenge Cards. You can collect Doodelz, which are never-before-seen sketches of exclusive items. 8 Doodelz to collect. And, last but not least, you can collect Curio Shop Curiosities. Those are rare items and Arte’s comments about them. There are 8 of those. Oh, and if there is a problem with your pack of trading cards, send it to Webkinz. Their address is on the Webkinz home page.


{December 27, 2007}   Merry Christmas!!!

Wow, I hope that you got everything that you wanted for Christmas! I did! I won’t tell you what I got. *cough…iPod!…cough* I must have caught something. 🙂 Okay, I know you don’t really have much to comment about, so I am having a contest. The first three people to tell me 3 things that they got for Christmas, from friends, family, or even friends on Webkinz, will recieve a Christmas surprise! So, if I’m not already on your friends list, put your Username on here and I’ll add you and send it to you. And they’re aren’t many people who come to my blog, so anyone who does will have a better chance. Oh, I can’t wait! I’ll just tell you what I got for Christmas. Just three things, like you will be telling me. A Video Journal, an iPod (who could’ve guessed?), and one of those penguins that are a speaker for your iPod (called an I-cy). I am so (nag me if I spell this wrong) psyched!!! Merry Christmas and Happy whichever holiday you celebrate… Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas, whatever! Just hope that yours was happy!

{December 6, 2007}   Happy Birthday!

happy_birthday.jpgHappy birthday to friends and family members! Apparently, a lot of birthdays are in December, I have been invited to about five parties, three of them this Saturday! 😦 Unfortunately I can’t go to all of them, only two. One is a party, one a movie, one a sleepover. Anyway, here are the names of some people celebrating their birthday!












So, everyone who’s birthday is in this month, have a happy birthday! <:)

{December 5, 2007}   Bumblebee Slideshow

[rockyou id=94135164&w=426&h=319]

{December 3, 2007}   Trades

(In categories, I meant to say “Complete Nothingness”.)

I have not been getting many trades lately. I will post a list, so if anyone wants to trade, do NOT hesitate to ask. Here are my lists.


Loader Lounger

Suit of Armor

Rice Paper dividers (2)

TC Pool Poster

TC Side Table

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Fall Festival Corn Husk Doll

Ribbons and Bows Tree


Whatever you have 2 trade

{December 3, 2007}   What I Want for Christmas…

If you would like to buy me a present, friend of mine or random person that I do not know, here is a list of what I want, for Webkinz and for real.


Any clothes

A fridge of any kind


Cool little cheap stuff you find in your dock or that you buy and decide you don’t  want anymore.


iPod Skins

Pads of paper to write my stories on

Posters (HSM,HSM2, Miley Cyrus, Harry Potter, penguins, etc.)

Erasers or Pencils

 P.S. I am having a Christmas party and I might be sending out Christmas presents. I’m kinda broke right now. 😦 If you come to the party, you get a goodie bag too!!!

P.P.S. If you have no idea who I am you (of course) don’t buy me gifts for real.

{December 3, 2007}   Book Fair

Hi, MVES students and/or random people that I don’t know! The school book fair is this week and so is Grandparents Day! Your grandparents can come to the school during lunchtime and visit you. They will eat with you, and then take you to the book fair. Grandpas and grandmas always buy you more than parents, so I hope that your’s (if you come to my school) get to come! The book fair is my favorite part of December, besides Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, I will be posting a list of what I want for Christmas because I am bored and have nothing to do.

{December 3, 2007}   My New Webkinz

Hello, people. I just got a gift from my aunt, a new Webkinz! Can you guess what she got me? If you answered no, you must not have read my blog before. Okay, it is a new Webkinz penguin! She got my little brother a yellow lab, he is going to name it Maya. I named my penguin Icee, like I said I would. He is so cute and I love him! I hope that I can save enough to buy another!!!

et cetera