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{December 27, 2007}   Merry Christmas!!!

Wow, I hope that you got everything that you wanted for Christmas! I did! I won’t tell you what I got. *cough…iPod!…cough* I must have caught something. 🙂 Okay, I know you don’t really have much to comment about, so I am having a contest. The first three people to tell me 3 things that they got for Christmas, from friends, family, or even friends on Webkinz, will recieve a Christmas surprise! So, if I’m not already on your friends list, put your Username on here and I’ll add you and send it to you. And they’re aren’t many people who come to my blog, so anyone who does will have a better chance. Oh, I can’t wait! I’ll just tell you what I got for Christmas. Just three things, like you will be telling me. A Video Journal, an iPod (who could’ve guessed?), and one of those penguins that are a speaker for your iPod (called an I-cy). I am so (nag me if I spell this wrong) psyched!!! Merry Christmas and Happy whichever holiday you celebrate… Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas, whatever! Just hope that yours was happy!


masterartist1 says:

a webkinz golden retreiver, an easel, and a jewlery box. my username is masterartist1

patty04 says:

i got 2 webkinz polar bears (named them Arora(girl) and Borealis(boy)) My very first ever MP3 player. And cook cat socks.
username: alicenpg

cookieb says:

Thank you! You’ll both get a present from me! I’ll add you whenever I am able to get on Webkinz. My username is penguin4621. :mrgreen: Bye!

cookieb says:

Patty04, those are really cool names for Polar Bears. Masterartist1, what are you going to name your Golden Retriever???

Lyra says:

i got mannequin, diamond earrings, snowboard, dvd player, 2 webkinz, lots of clothes username: blondie381

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