Peace on the Internet!

{March 5, 2008}   Contest

This is something different than I usually do. I want you to tell me the names of your website (if you have one) and your Webkinz username. I’ll put your usernames in a drawing and the winner will be added to my friends list and you will recieve a prize!


{February 28, 2008}   Wacky Zingoz

Have you seen a little yellow guy floating around your screen lately? If you have, your not alone.The Wacky Zingoz is new to Webkinz World and you can click on him if he floats around your screen. You can win prizes if you do! There are Candy Bats, Chocolate bats, and more! There is also a new game that comes with your Wacky Zingoz when you buy it. I think that it’s called Extreme something… Not sure. Have fun on Webkinz (if you have one).

{January 19, 2008}   MORE Merchandise

I guess they have to make even more money. Webkinz has just come out with Webkinz figurines, and  Trading Cards Series 2.  I already have both, which my friend gave me. 🙂 I am making a new slideshow soon. CUL8R!

{December 31, 2007}   Webkinz Trading Cards

Well, the time has come for me to do a post about Webkinz Trading Cards. Lets get started!

Webkinz Trading Cards are now available for you to collect, trade, and play awesome games with. So you can now buy them wherever Webkinz are sold. So, you go to one of those stores and buy a pack of trading cards. You bring them home and open them (or tear them open as soon as you get out of the store) and see up, to 5 feature codes. You can enter the code(s) on the Webkinz Code Shop and you are instantly able to unlock The ENTIRE Egyptian room theme, up to 50,ooo Kinzcash, grocieries, items from the Trading Card room theme, pieces of the Trading Card outfit, coupons, rare or exclusive items, and a guaranteed pack of Webkinz Trading Cards. You can collect Challenge Cards, which are made to play against one or more friend. There are 8 Chllenge Cards. You can collect Doodelz, which are never-before-seen sketches of exclusive items. 8 Doodelz to collect. And, last but not least, you can collect Curio Shop Curiosities. Those are rare items and Arte’s comments about them. There are 8 of those. Oh, and if there is a problem with your pack of trading cards, send it to Webkinz. Their address is on the Webkinz home page.

{December 3, 2007}   Trades

(In categories, I meant to say “Complete Nothingness”.)

I have not been getting many trades lately. I will post a list, so if anyone wants to trade, do NOT hesitate to ask. Here are my lists.


Loader Lounger

Suit of Armor

Rice Paper dividers (2)

TC Pool Poster

TC Side Table

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Fall Festival Corn Husk Doll

Ribbons and Bows Tree


Whatever you have 2 trade

After a lot of waiting from me, my friends, and probably a  lot of other people, the Webkinz penguin has finally been made! I ♥ PENGUINS! They are so cute and cuddly! Well, I wouldn’t actually hug a penguin if I saw one ( they have been known to be shy, and if you get on a penguins nerves it may bite you, not that it actually has teeth…), but I would definitely take pictures!  When I buy my Penguin Webkinz I will name it Icee or something like that.                      penguins.jpg

{October 23, 2007}   Zones

If you ever need to send me something, or come to a party, or come visit, or challenge me in the Tournament Arena, I will be on the teal zone.  🙂

{October 7, 2007}   Webkinz Merchandise

Does anyone else think that Ganz has a little too much Webkinz merchandise on the market these days? Let’s see, we have Pet of the Month, which makes kids want Webkinz even more, Salon items like Lip Gloss and Body Spritz,so they can win Salon items, Webkinz Charms, so they can go to the Charm Forest, Trading Cards, so they can win stuff, Bookmarks, so they can win books, Mousepads so they win even more stuff, and now Clothing for the KinzStyle Shop? Kids and parents are going to be broke by Christmas! (Which is just around the corner, might I add.)

{October 7, 2007}   Haunted House Theme

The Haunted House theme is so cool! It includes: Creepy Bed, Coffee Table Tomb, Crystal Advisor Ball, Gargoyle Book Shelf, Gargoyle Chair, Gargoyle Sofa, Giant Spider Dining Table, Giant Spiderweb, Gothic Window,  Haunted Organ, Haunted Refridgerator, Jack-o-Side Table, Mausoleum Television, Phantom Trophy Pedestal, Tombstone Chair, Witch’s Brew Stove,  and the Gargoyle Desk. But if you want it ASAP, you need to buy it real soon, because on October 31, 2007, it is going away until next October. I bought some extras to trade after October, in case anyone needs some!

P.S. on November 13, 2007: Some of the items are being sold till the 14th of November, so if u want some, get 2 buying!

{October 7, 2007}   The KinzStyle Shop

When you buy an outfit at whatever store you buy Webkinz, you get a code for the Code Shop. You type in the code, and recieve a special  shopping bag. When you open the  shopping bag in your Webkinz’ room, you get to the KinzStyle Shop. You then recieve a chance to buy a special outfit for your Webkinz that you can’t get anywhere else. Big news- Webkinz finally made dresses! Only at the KinzStyle Shop.

et cetera