Peace on the Internet!

{April 7, 2008}   Start All Over- Miley Cyrus

{April 6, 2008}   Wannabe- Spice Girls

{March 9, 2008}   Another New Webkinz!

I now have the Black and White Cheeky Dog! I named her Harmony.

{March 5, 2008}   Contest

This is something different than I usually do. I want you to tell me the names of your website (if you have one) and your Webkinz username. I’ll put your usernames in a drawing and the winner will be added to my friends list and you will recieve a prize!

{February 28, 2008}   Wacky Zingoz

Have you seen a little yellow guy floating around your screen lately? If you have, your not alone.The Wacky Zingoz is new to Webkinz World and you can click on him if he floats around your screen. You can win prizes if you do! There are Candy Bats, Chocolate bats, and more! There is also a new game that comes with your Wacky Zingoz when you buy it. I think that it’s called Extreme something… Not sure. Have fun on Webkinz (if you have one).

{February 27, 2008}   iCarly Rocks!

icarly2.jpgicarly3.jpg I have recently seen a tv show called iCarly on Nickelodeon. I love it! If you don’t already know about it, I’ll tell you. The main character is named Carly (of course). Her two friends, Sam and Freddy help her run her own webshow. If you want to see some clips, go to or

{February 6, 2008}   Going Green

My chorus is starting a new concert about going green. It will be called My Planet, Your Planet. It will be sometime in the spring, probably March. We have to wear khakis, white sneakers, and a green t- shirt. Here are some of the songs that we will sing:

My Planet, Your Planet

She’s Our Planet

Recycle Rap

Earthlings,  Unite!

and a lot more, I can’t remember them all.

{February 3, 2008}   SCAM ALERT!!!

Debbie Rutter scam: Debbie Rutter (aka who says she is the wife of the maker of webkinz world is a SCAM TO STEAL your stuff. Debbie Rutter is fake, do not contact her or give her any personal info, she will steal your stuff. Carrie Rutter is a scam too. DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD OUT TO ANYONE. IF SOMEONE WANTS YOU TO, IT’S PROBABLY A SCAM. There are people who want to take advantage of you. Be smart, don’t let them. If she asks for your password and username, IGNORE HER!!! If you have a blog, post something like this!

{January 19, 2008}   MORE Merchandise

I guess they have to make even more money. Webkinz has just come out with Webkinz figurines, and  Trading Cards Series 2.  I already have both, which my friend gave me. 🙂 I am making a new slideshow soon. CUL8R!

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